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Contrary to what Instagram tells us, this sentiment still rings true. The intrigue factor is what drives many artists to go underground. There's just something hella cool about robots in suits. Sia is rarely spotted without her famous face-covering wigs, but on the radio her voice is immediately distinguishable. The mystery surrounding H. Stop when your right hand sighs and protests at being made to act like a terrorist for the eyes and the brain. Stop, if you must… and then resume. Tapan Ghosh was probably in a state of delirium when he was penning this novel, and to compliment his work I have created an image that tells you all there is in this novel of pages with a large than usual font!

The story takes us through some inane mess-ups of Shom and Khush, their ludicrous escapades and rather low-brow sex-capades. The language shudders and stutters, the plot hobbles along, the story-line is like the hair-line on a bald pate, and the dialogues are mundane and forgettable.

No wonder then that a fellow blogger pri too has written in a review :. This first example tells me that Tapan has tried to create a world record in character development by using the fewest words. He allowed his wife total power.

Being an August born, he was a born leader, a Lion at heart. However, at home, he was only a Circus Lion and he had submitted himself to his wife in every respect. She was the ringmaster.

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This went against his basic nature. He was dying a slow death. Poor rich man, everyone wanted a piece of him. I am confused. Where exactly does the lion fit in?

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And Tapan, nobody can give power, as power is something that arises out of a personal and intrinsic charisma. The next two examples are taken from different parts of the novel and again we find that Tapan writes a sentence and wants his readers to imagine the rest.

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He loved to travel and now had an airplane that he could fly himself. He could just hop in and rush to any part of the world whenever he felt like doing so. It then proceeds to introduce each of the characters in quite a crisp and novel manner giving the reader the feeling of a well planned plot ahead. Now coming to Khush and Shom, these are the two of the three the third being Raima lead protagonists in the storysuccessful businessmen in their 40's with families and responsibilities of their own..

Although the book blurb introduces Shom as reticent and Khush as the flamboyant one in the duo, one cannot help but feel throughout the book, that both the forty plus men with their swinging life style can be best described by just one colloquial word"tharkee" Well,I presumed that overwhelming usage of hindi slang in the book gives the reviewer the privilege to use at least one apt word from the vocabulary, doesn't it? Also you cannot help but wonder time and again, whether the character sketch of Khush and Shom would have been more apt for two 23 year old with raging hormones college dropouts, instead.

Faceless the Only Way Out

An insight About Khush in his hey days "His idea of a gigolo was quite a noble one. He wanted his manhood to be put to use to service a woman in need" About Shom, the 'reticent' one "Shom was a very responsible family man and while he had needs he made sure he satisfied them discreetly. As the story unfurls, Shom and Raima meet over face book.

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The notion she harbours about Shom being a genuine man with a great heart and how she falls madly in love with him even when Shom treats her as nothing but a high class escort--throwing money for her services every now and then with the excuse of staying detached and making her sign 'no commitments' contracts, is something which is beyond my understanding.

But nevermind that. Raima and Shom with their differences in age, wealth and background get along like a house on fire.

‘I’m afraid of heights, okay?’ – A Way Out, 2018

To top it all, Shom's 'butt classificationtori spherical, ellipsoidal, hemispherical yada yada yada' which he somehow manages to make seem like some kind of well studied rocket science and Raima's agreement to be a sex toy all ready to gain weight to look older and at par with Shom and adhering to his advice on butt exercises according to his whims and fancies rendered her a kind of slutty image and made me cringe and wonder if its the writer's lack of creativity or the male chauvinist in him that is making him stoop to levels like these in the name of 'unconditional' love.

Dialogues like "If you can buy as much as you want of the best quality milk in the market, why do you need a cow? Look at his ex wives. The expletives by Khush and Shom, the topics they discuss and the pick up lines they try further emphasise that perhaps in the bodies of these two 40 plus year old's sugar daddies lie trapped two 'I wannabe a cool stud' ultra desperate retards.

As the story progresses with accounts of escapades in 'The Land Yatcht' and BB conversations, one encounters various exaggerated and half baked explanations clearly overpowering the almost-believable parts which are too few and far in between.