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Sell on Snapdeal. Explore More Photography Books. More Photography Books From Books. In Same Price. Easy Return Policy. Help Center Got a question? Note: you can obviously do this with color movies and photography too. RAW files are always in color, so you can post-process them any way you want.

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And who knows? When you shoot in black and white, you lose color as a visual tool — obviously!

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So to make interesting portraits, you must work with:. In black and white photography, you must use contrast to create an eye-catching picture. Start with shapes. Create interesting shapes in your frame, even if you have to create those shapes yourself with your subjects.

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For example, in this portrait of Dilara incidentally inspired by the Kate Moss picture shown above , I had her put her right hand under her chin to add some shape to the picture:. It comes from using smaller light sources like grid spots, fresnels, or even direct sun. The transition from hightight to shadow is instant. Soft light has a gradual transition from hightlight to shadow, which you can see in this studio portrait of Erin:. However, hard light does have one major weakness: it accentuates facial imperfections. So you may have some extra retouching and Photoshop work to do! Color channels are key to post-processing black and white portraits.

Color channels allow you to set the lightness and darkness of different tones in your. This is where processing for black and white is vastly different than color photography. If something is red in a color image, it will become brighter in the black and white image if you boost the red channel. The same goes for yellow, blue, green, etc. We often think of skin tones as shades of black, white, and olive, etc. I think the second image is more eye-catching.

What do you think? For a full end-to-end article on creating and then post-processing the black and white portrait of my father you see above, check out this tutorial. For example, if you are using an off camera flash setup , color gels can have a massive impact on the tones of a black and white portrait. Do you want a sharp, crisp portrait? Photographers are always selling their old filters, and you can often get a huge filter collection for a small amount of money.

You can also try KEH.

If you have a lens with a 58mm filter size and another with a 49mm, get a 58mm filter and use an inexpensive step-up ring. A step-up ring allows you to use a larger filter on a smaller lens. I like the Fotodiox step-up rings. Ironically, a black and white image does not have to be in black and white! Film photographers use chemicals to add color toning to their black and white prints.

For example, Matthew Rolston added blue to this otherwise black and white portrait of Bono:.

Wedding Photography 101 (Part 1)

You can emulate that look by adding a color overlay to your portraits in Photoshop, Lightroom, or Capture One Pro. Just keep in mind that it is very easy to take looks like these way too far. That will stop you from going overboard. And they are stunning.

Simple — prints are made and presented the way the photographer intended. I mean, seeing a Jackson Pollock painting in a book is fine, but the real thing is so much cooler.

How to START photographing CONCERTS! Concert Photography 101

Plus, I find the limitation to be creatively freeing, because I have to work a little harder to make my portraits interesting. We should try to see the black and white portrait in our minds before we click the shutter. We spend thousands of dollars on digital cameras and computers. Why not take full advantage of digital technology by playing with images after the fact? Scroll through your Lightroom or Capture One Pro library and just randomly turn portraits to black and white.

Then, take your favorite 10, and see what they have in common. Pop it in the comments! Michael Comeau is a Brooklyn-based portrait photographer and the founder of OnPortraits. I love your suggestions for black and white images. I prefer to shoot my portraits in black and white.

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I am finding my style, well, I actually already have, I just need to refine it. I shoot my portraits in black and white, but I use the RGB sliders along with temperature and exposure value to find the right mixture of color and black and white to make the image what I want it to be. Keep up the great work. I love your insight into photography!