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Safe and sound in Almerimar after almost 7 days at sea! Now off to the pub to celebrate : Cheers guys!!! About 2 months ago via Twitter for iPhone. Email Address. Read our stories. We are Ryan and Sophie. Watch the videos of our adventure. View More Videos. Join the crew. Never miss an update! In , we take off! Pre departure Limbo. It's been a long winter Episode 3: Preparing our boat. Episode 4: Installing solar panels. Episode 5: Waxing the boat.

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Landfall in Orkney, Scottland. Exploring Orkney, Scotland.

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Episode 7: The first time I crossed the North Sea. Episode 8: We are moving on our sailboat. Episode 9: Saying goodbye. Episode The day we left the dock. From the Kieler week Episode How we are adjusting to life onboard. Episode Crashing the party in Kiel. Episode Getting over my fear of the big ships in the Kiel Canal.

You asked: What works against seasickness? Exploring Amsterdam. Episode Sleepless in the english channel. Episode upgrading our sailboat for a nuclear submarine. Episode French Escale. Is Paris always a good idea? Episode Captain nervous in the spanish fog.

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Landfall in Ria del Barqueiro. Episode the sport of cooking underway. Splashing in the caves of Benagil. Episode Upgrading to an AIS transponder. Episode back to where the adventure started! Salty Thanksgiving! Off-season update: How to not travel to the US. Episode Living on a sailboat is like a permanent holiday. Episode Almerimar, the winter paradise of the mediterranean sailor. How to make water on a sailboat? Our first passage of is in the books!

This is What Sailboat Life is Like Cruising Martinique EP 34

Episode Sailing taught us patience. Episode It is called a "shakedown" for a reason. Calpe, last stop before the Balearics! Living the sweet life in Formentera. Episode Unexpected sailing along the coast of Spain.

Ryan & Sophie Sailing | Life is short, follow your dreams!

Why we wear our lifejackets at all time. Episode Smooth sailing to Formentera. Episode Sailing life in Formentera. Episode anchorage anxiety in Ibiza. How to build and install a DIY watermaker?

Episode Getting over my seasickness between Ibiza and Mallorca. Episode The quiet ish beauty of Eastern Mallorca.

Life on board

Episode Story of my injury at sea. Behan says her primary concern was making sure that their children could adapt to and even thrive in such an unusual environment. Another shows a far higher rate of college degrees among children brought up abroad. But cruising is in many ways different and perhaps more challenging. The cruising community rarely stays in one place for more than a few months, and while they sometimes will rent a home in a foreign city, the die-hards live aboard their boats full-time. Take friendships. Since they are so often on the move, making new, lasting friendships can be a challenge.

It just takes more work to build relationships and then to stay in touch. They say they frequently ask the kids if the life they are choosing works, and no child has so far wanted to return full-time to the US. The couple has often had to work while at sea or while aboard the boat in a port somewhere. Money has been tight. To make ends meet, Behan writes for magazines and Jamie, a professional sailmaker, has had several consulting projects.

Behan says that the lack of long-term financial security has been her greatest worry.

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  • I tell people, if you plan and live frugally, it does not have to be something for millionaires. Planning meant saving as much money as possible and developing the technical skills to manage living on a boat for long stretches. It also meant waiting until their kids were old enough to understand the responsibilities and dangers of living at sea. Their youngest child, Mairen, was four years old when they set out.

    The couple left Seattle in , selling off most of their belongings and putting their home up for sale. The rent covered the mortgage, but not taxes or insurance, so they had to delve into savings, something that frightened them. Behan was working for a software startup in Seattle and Jamie ran a small medical device import business. They say they had saved about five years worth of income to go cruising, although the plan was to be gone for just two or three years. When they finally decided to make the leap, though, they say they knew it was time, that the frenetic pace of life with two wage earners in the household had already taken a toll.

    In , they bought a Stevens 47 sailboat, nearly 50 feet long with two sleeping cabins and a kitchen. They christened it Totem. Both Behan and Jamie had grown up sailing, so they knew their way around a sailboat, but it still took months for the whole family to develop the skills they felt were required before setting out.

    Along the way, they have homeschooled their three children, Niall 17 , Siobhan 12 and Mairen Teaching has transcended traditional ABCs though. But over time, they came to realize that they had made the right choice, even if few people at the time agreed. That has bred a level of adaptability that the parents believe will serve their children well into adulthood. Their ability to adapt helped immensely when it came to formulating a home school curriculum that best took advantage of their new lifestyle.

    Initially, they looked into popular homeschooling options like Calvert Education. But the program turned out to be wrong for them. The curriculum comes in a big box, one for each child, which they found burdensome on a small boat. Our lifestyle is like a living field trip. So they dropped Calvert and developed their own curriculum using resources online and talking at length with other cruisers.

    The children are avid readers because, well, what else is there to do at sea for days on end? While initially they had dozens of books on board, they slowly transitioned to reading on four Kindles which are loaded up with ebooks.

    LA VIDA A VELA, Noemi & Josep

    While at sea, they have only enough bandwidth through a satellite phone to download text-only email. One indulgence which Behan was particularly adamant about was having a set of encyclopedias on board, which to most of us, in the age of Google and Wikipedia, seems quaint. Jamie was initially against having the large tomes aboard because of space constraints, but now says it was a great decision.

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