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Taking Snapshots - Cloud Foundry BOSH

If your IaaS supports snapshots, you must enable snapshots in your IaaS and in the Director to use disk snapshots. Once you enable snapshots in your deployment, you can use following CLI commands to take snapshots on demand. When you manually take a snapshot, the Director does not pause any processes or flush buffered data to disk.

Depending on your IaaS, a snapshot taken manually might not fully capture all the data on your VM at the point you take the snapshot. Run bosh snapshots to display a list of CIDs if you need to find specific snapshots to recover. Takes a snapshot of the job VM that you specify.

Creating persistent disk snapshots

Once you enable snapshots in the Director, the Director automatically takes a snapshot of the persistent disk whenever an event triggers a deployment job update. Share to. Copy link URL:. Blog Contact Careers Media.

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You have successfully created a MyPHO account! Use MyPHO to save content relevant to you, take online courses and register for subscriptions. Familiarity with persistent volumes is suggested. A VolumeSnapshotContent is a snapshot taken from a volume in the cluster that has been provisioned by an administrator.

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It is a resource in the cluster just like a PersistentVolume is a cluster resource. A VolumeSnapshot is a request for snapshot of a volume by a user. It is similar to a PersistentVolumeClaim. While VolumeSnapshots allow a user to consume abstract storage resources, cluster administrators need to be able to offer a variety of VolumeSnapshotContents without exposing users to the details of how those volume snapshots should be provisioned.

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For these needs there is the VolumeSnapshotClass resource. VolumeSnapshotContents are resources in the cluster. VolumeSnapshots are requests for those resources.

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A cluster administrator creates a number of VolumeSnapshotContents. They carry the details of the real storage which is available for use by cluster users. They exist in the Kubernetes API and are available for consumption.