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At birth, cubs weigh eight to ten ounces and are hairless.

But they grow rapidly and usually weigh about five pounds by the time they leave their den. By their first birthday a cub's weight is usually 60 to pounds. The public hunting grounds near Bowstring Shores Resort are popular for avid bear hunters.

Follow along a North American Hunter's adventures, trials, successess, and preperation for hunts.

Licensing for the black bear hunt is on a lottery system by zones, so be patient. Although not required, a guide for this sport is often beneficial.

If your a first time hunter here are a few things that might help you bag that monster bear. Black bears have a very acute sense of smell about times that of a human, making it very important that you mask any man made odors like: Cologne, deodorant, cigarette smoke, laundry detergent etc Always a good idea, wash your clothes without any laundry detergent to rid them of any artificial scents.

There are many ways to hunt bear, the most popular in Minnesota is baiting.

Black Bear Outfitters | Bear Hunting Manitoba Canada

While this method involves a bit more work it produces a much higher success rate. Baiting should start about two weeks before you're going to hunt allowing the bear to become accustomed to eating in a certain area. If you are hunting far from home and plan on this type of bear hunting a guide can be very helpful.

When it comes to bear hunting, locating an animal and stalking to within shooting range is the most common - and most exciting - approach for the experienced hunter.

Black Bear Hunting Tips

The more time you can dedicate to looking through binoculars, the better your chances of finding bears on the move and then knowing when to move yourself. Taking to the trees is also a very productive method. The idea is basically that of deer hunting, locate an area that is frequented by a bear, often a food source or stream, and place a tree stand there.

Archery and gun ranges are on site for any last minute tuning and practice.

'Disgusting coward' Outrage as hunter posts image of grizzly bear he slaughtered

Feel free to relax when not in the stand or come along for daily baiting runs. We will recommend great local lodging no matter what your taste. You are responsible for lodging, food, beverages, proper licenses and proper clothing. There are some other options while you are there:. Video taping of the bear hunt. Our experienced cameraman will sit with you during the hunt to burn your kill shot on tape for years of enjoyment.

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He will also video the morning activities of baiting, practicing your marksmanship and personal interviews of your experience. Grouse and Woodcock in the morning.