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UK became more middle class than working class in , data shows | News | The Guardian

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Latest News. A Walk to Remember mourns the deaths of newborns October 6, Shot fired at Lexington Apartment complex, no one hurt October 6, Deputies seize slot machines in gambling investigation October 6, EKU scholarship recipients send fallen officer foundation their thanks October 6, Officials believe cigarette causes grass fire October 6, Higher tax rates for the wealthy could help finance reductions in the tax burden of lower-to-middle-income households, says a new OECD report.

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The report calls for targeted income tax cuts as a way to boost middle-class disposable incomes and suggests curtailing tax breaks for housing. The report, Under Pressure: The Squeezed Middle Class, said the "economic centre of gravity is tilting away from the middle". Middle-income households had experienced dismal income growth over the past three decades as the costs of housing, education and health care had become too expensive. They have had little capacity to save, and some are even running up debt in order to maintain their standard of living.

More than one-in-five middle-income households spend more than they earn.

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  8. To address the problem, the report calls for other policy changes including getting more women back to work by offering more generous paid parental leave, as well as giving all workers higher wages, including in the form of a "living wage". The OECD said greater support for the lower-middle should not come at the expense of the most vulnerable in society.

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    Tax reductions for the lower-middle-income group would likely require better-off households — including upper-middle-income households — to make a greater contribution to financing public expenditures, it said. But it cautioned that "capacity to generate substantial additional tax revenue from high-income earners is limited if one wishes to avoid also increasing the tax burden on the middle". The report notes the problem of bracket creep — where wage inflation pushes people into higher tax brackets — but also warns that tax cuts put pressure on limited government budgets.

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    Across the OECD, the middle-income class accounts for 61 per cent of the population. In Australia the middle-income class accounts for 58 per cent of the population. It is this neurosis - and the way they take themselves in such deadly earnest - that makes the middle classes so easy to mock.

    Middle class protest and democracy: Fukuyama & Keane [HD] Late Night Live, ABC RN

    It is in fact a keenly observant work of social anthropology, which pins the modern middle class with brilliant and hysterical accuracy. Take eating. The middle classes go in for a lot of upmanship - little displays of money and status. Does anyone genuinely enjoy chorizo and parmesan poppadoms or samphire tartlets?

    Similarly, their claims upon any interest in culture or literature are generally bogus. Books on coffee tables are never opened, Book Clubs are where they go to swig prosecco, and the auditorium at Covent Garden is the chance for a gentle snooze.

    Being 'middle class' depends on where you live — find out where you stand

    One simply pities the middle-class child. Having been raised by nannies, sent to pony clubs and driven to ballet class, the children are then educated at A-Star Academies in superior Catchment Areas. Incidentally, the middle-class infant is never excitable, naughty and in need of a smack.