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Artist's impression of the active galactic nucleus. The supermassive black hole at the center of the A blazar about 4 billion light years away is the origin of many of the highest-energy cosmic rays and neutrinos. Assuming that these cosmic rays are also made of protons gives a speed of ,, There's a very good reason that, by time we receive them, these cosmic rays aren't more energetic than this.

As a particle flies If the energy conditions are right, even the collision of a low-energy photon like this has an opportunity to create new particles. In particular, the CMB will have its photons collide and interact with these particles as they travel through the Universe. Even though this radiation is incredibly cold, at an average temperature of some 2. Even though that's a tiny number, the cosmic rays hitting it can be incredibly energetic.

"Crazy" neutrino find has many physicists skeptical, still backing Einstein.

Whenever two particles collide at high enough energies, they have the opportunity to produce When that interaction occurs, there will be enough energy to produce a neutral pion, which steals energy away from the original cosmic ray. Cosmic rays produced by high-energy astrophysics sources can reach Earth's surface. When a cosmic If these particles are created beyond the local group, they should obey the GZK cutoff.

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We believe that every charged particle in the cosmos — every cosmic ray, every proton, every atomic nucleus — should limited by this speed. Not just the speed of light, but a little bit lower, thanks to the leftover glow from the Big Bang and the particles in the intergalactic medium. If we see anything that's at a higher energy, then it either means:. Since many of the highest-energy cosmic rays have been confirmed to be heavy nuclei, rather than individual protons, this reigns as the most likely explanation for the extreme ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.

How Fast Does Light Travel? | The Speed of Light

The spectrum of cosmic rays. As we go to higher and higher energies, we find fewer and fewer cosmic There is a speed limit to the particles that travel through the Universe, and it isn't the speed of light. Instead, it's a value that's very slightly lower, dictated by the amount of energy in the leftover glow from the Big Bang. As the Universe continues to expand and cool, that speed limit will slowly rise over cosmic timescales, getting ever-closer to the speed of light. But remember, as you travel through the Universe, if you go too fast, even the radiation left over from the Big Bang can fry you.

So long as you're made of matter, there's a cosmic speed limit that you simply cannot overcome.

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